10 January 2008

BBC World Service Clip Online!

I just managed to upload the BBC World Service clip to my own personal website. You can check it out here. It was a great time and I really enjoyed being able to talk about why I believe Hillary is the most capable candidate to lead this country. Questions came in from Pakistan, Uganda, South Africa, Iraq and the United States.

It must have worked, because she came from nowhere to win New Hampshire, reinvigorating her campaign and finding, as she put it, her voice. I think that voice speaks for America and I do hope she goes all the way. Experience + Passion = REAL CHANGE. Woo!

The link: http://www.kyletaylor.com/kyletaylor/Audio/Entries/2008/1/10_Defending_HIllary_On_BBC.html


Kelly Rae said...

Just came across this and thought of you. You wouldn't happen to be behind it, would you? You know, with all that free time you have ;)


Nijole said...

Well written article.