16 January 2008

Generation Q? Give Me A Break

(Photo by Fred R. Conrad, New York Times)

Well, Thomas Friedman is up to it again. He's making sweeping generalizations about a generation he clearly does not understand, speaking once again about what we should be and how we should be acting, noting each aspect of my generation that doesn't live up to his antiquated expectations of young people that, quite frankly, are no longer relevant. He is, of course, the man who wrote "The World Is Flat;" a book that elicited a "oh my gosh" reaction from 50-year-olds and a "um, I know this already" response from anyone under 25. I'm responding directly to the editor in the next few days, but here is the link to his piece, so you have background before my diatribe...



S said...

Kyle! I totally agree, I hated that Generation Q CRAP. Who are you calling quiet?!?


Kyle Taylor said...

Nick, we are on the same page! Page 83, paragraph 2, line 6.