12 July 2011

Tiny Town Australia

About 4 years ago I drove across the spectacular US of A and saw - for the very first time - small town America. Now I find myself having flashbacks in Australia as we drive outside the country's big cities and into the heart of what they call "regional Australlllia."

Roughly 20 miles out of Melbourne, "city" fades away into a brilliant, endless stretch of rolling hills, green farmland, tiny country roads, and adorable "town centers" that usually look a whole lot Iike this. You've got the general store with sells generally everything (the only more complete store in the world that I have ever seen is an alldays or a Kedi in Shanghai). This includes two to three gas pumps that hawk a unique brand of gas in each town that I have generally never heard of.

Next door (generally attached) is a post office with 100 or so post boxes. The is no home delivery of mail. Everybody just comes here to get their deliveries. How adorable is that?

The real charm of all this, of course, is that you are - at any given moment - just minutes away from gorgeous countryside and, in Australia, SPECTACULAR beaches with no people on them. When I say no people I mean NO PEOPLE for miles around in any direction. That leaves copious amounts of space for brilliant photos of both people and the other "personalities" on our trip like the rental car. From here it's further down the [Really] Great Ocean Road with Team SACK (Stafford, Aditi, Cascade, and Kyle). Here are a few more shots of the beaches. Enjoy!

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