06 July 2011

Dramatic Sea Cliffs, Plunging Gorges, & Endless Farms

Or how Western Australia is Oregon, Arizona, and Nebraska all at once. We are now just 700 miles north of Perth in a little town called Kalbarri. Within the course of twenty minutes on the highway we have seen dramatic cliffs lining the sea that plunge precipitously into the ocean, rolling fields that carry on for miles in every direction, and deep red rock valley gorges complete with waterfalls, jagged cliffs, and kangaroos splashing about. It feels like all of the USA packaged up into travel size portions and plopped down right next to each other. In short, it is spectacular. Western Australia is SPECTACULAR. My only real frustration is that we have to turn around and go back to Perth instead of continuing north to Darwin. It just seems to get better and better...Some additional photos below, along with Aditi express our general happiness about the entire experience (pictured with one of about a dozen rainbows we have seen this trip).

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