10 May 2011

Travel With Meaning. Doing It For Greg

The inspiration behind an Inspired Adventure is different for everyone but one things remains true: it's almost always about more than the Adventure.

This was no different for the Heart Research Centre group. For some it was because they had lost a family member from heart disease. For others it was about helping to end the impact of something before it got to their family. The work HRC does to battle the root causes of the illness are not only exceptional but incredibly important and valuable.

For Francis and Trish, it was even more personal. Just one year ago they lost their grown adult son in a tragic and shocking plane crash. He was survived by a wife and young children as well as two sisters and parents. As you can imagine, the loss was devastating for the family. In that grief there was of course sadness but also a desire to remember, to honor, and to find happiness once more. Francis and Trish saw this adventure as a way to do that. They could work to support a great cause while simultaneously bringing an activity into their lives that would be give them focus, meaning, and a chance to challenge themselves in honor of their dear son.

In their late 60s and early 70s, they have taken on the Great Wall Challenge with the vigor and commitment of people half their age. They raised over $16,000 and have been leading the pack every single day.

As we took our first steps on the wall Francis looked to the sky and said out loud, "We are here Greg. We are on the wall. We made it for you." I have no doubt he is looking down on them right now with a very proud smile on his face.


Kyle Taylor

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