11 May 2011

5 hours, 27 Degrees, a whole lot of wall

We awoke to another day of brilliant sunshine ready to attack our final day on the wall with incredible vigor; our final push if this Inspired Adventure in support of HRC.

Today was no easy trek. In an attempt to miss the crowds, we hiked up to the wall via a long, winding, and fairly difficult stretch of traffic that bobbed and weaved through the forest. My goodness was it hot! At 27 degrees this was most certainly the highest temperature we had come across. Combine that with the arrival of a thick, sticky air and our challenge went from difficult to extremely challenging.

Thankfully, we were tough. I mean really tough. From Michael to Paul, Francis to Trish, and Claudia too, we pulled up trousers, chugged our hydralyte and got up the mountain!

Our reward at the top: sweeping views of the snake-like Great Wall crawling along the ridge and stretching as far as the eye could see in every direction. It is the only place I have ever been that is absolutely impossible to capture in a photo. It's grandiosity, it's splendor, and it's mystery is just too big for a lens. In the end we had renamed it the "Super Amazing, Totally Unbelievable, Fantastic, Wonderful, Awe-Inspiring Wall."

We finished the day in a local village with a feast fit for about 20 people. Thankfully, we brought our appetite.


Kyle Taylor

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Location:Mutianyu Rd,Beijing,China

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