10 May 2011

Finding love on the Great Wall

Oh what a day on the Great Wall! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and our spirits were high as we took to the wall for day three of our Great Wall of China Challenge in support of the Heart Research Centre. With nearly $30,000 raised by just 5 super committed individuals, we took to what is considered one of the most beautiful (and steepest) sections of the wall.

It didn't take long for this bunch to make friends. In fact, within 20 minutes we were traveling with a small army of local women all helping us to climb the tough bits, stay hydrated, and support the local economy.

This time, however, if wasn't Francis who served as our ambassador at large but Michael, whose helper was literally dragging him upward by the hand at record speed. We began to joke that he had found a girlfriend (all in jest of course) and when I said it aloud in Chinese, the entire gaggle of women burst into raucous laughter. It was good fun!

As our 3-hour walk was coming to a close, we decided to give the HRC a little shootout by spelling out the acronym with our bodies in front of a spectacular panoramic view of the Wall. What a way to end a perfect day.

From there is was a late lunch and onward travel to our next section, which we'll be taking on tomorrow on a roughly 6-hour trek near the Jiankou and Mutianyu sections of the Great Wall.

For now, here are a few more photos of our epic day!


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Location:Great Wall, China

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