05 March 2009

This Is Supposed To Be Higher Learning?

Well term paper marks came in and suffice to say, some students weren't all that happy. In seeking out feedback the official University Policy (pasted here) was cited. In brief, it turns out the official policy states there is to be no feedback. Basically, we're supposed to take a 2-digit number and "critically reflect on our own work." Seriously? How is this learning? While some Professors have been willing to give private feedback in person, the fact remains that official policy is to give NOTHING. Since we never see our exam papers again either, there is actually NO exchange of knowledge based on completed work AT ALL. I'm sorry, why, exactly, are we here?

And what if you feel that your grade is truly unjustified and want to challenge it? It turns out, you all but can't. Some highlights:

"There is no appeal against the academic judgment of examiners, and no re-marking of papers."

So basically, you can't appeal because you think your paper was mis-graded. WHY ELSE WOULD YOU APPEAL? It goes on:

"There are no other internal means of appealing against the Exam Board's decision...If following the completion of the School's internal procedures you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal, you may be eligible to appeal to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator."

Brilliant, thanks. When can these appeals be raised, you ask? IN NOVEMBER FOLLOWING THE COMPLETION OF YOUR PROGRAM. Needless to say, LSE and I aren't all that ok with each other at the minute...


Kyle Taylor

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