10 March 2009

Michael Jackson Goes On Tour (And So Do I)

Back in the 12th grade (high school, which is now officially 7 years behind me) I particpiated in a little contest called Mr. Troy High School. As part of said competition, we were required to perform our "talent." Seeing as how I had no stage-able talent (beyond competitive swimming - no pool - or dramatic monologues - wrong crowd) I decided to perform Michael Jackson's 1990's smash hit: Black or White. My Dad - being the coolest Dad on earth - filmed the entire thing, as well as operated my strobe lights and industrial fan (you'll understand that part on'ce you've watched). The best clip is definitely the second one down (number 3), if you can't watch them all. One more big shout-out to my brother who - at 8 years old - wore ridiculous clothes and rocked out on stage for me. Love you Cody! Do enjoy. AMAZING.


Kelly Rae said...

I actually teared up over this I was laughing so hard...

You (and your fantastic family) completely make my day!


shelby said...