15 March 2009

Channel Swim Update: Month 1

I'm one month into my "official" announcement about swimming the English Channel, though I've been getting in the mental game since last October. So far, so good. I have been swimming four days a week, running 5 days a week, lifting 3 days a week and attending a "core" class 3 days a week. Needless to say, I was running myself ragged on top of school, tutoring in a local school, Rotary duties and so on. Last Wednesday reached "critical mass" and I decided I needed a short break. I took four days off to recover, rejuvenate and just not have to think about training.

The key, I think, to working out is listening to your body. For the past ten weeks I have looked forward to going to the gym, getting in the pool, doing those sit-ups and so on. Last Tuesday was the first day in a long time where I was literally DREADING all of the above. My mind was running blank on the treadmill, I was counting the second until "core" class was over and I was doing everything I could to be late to swim practice. Message: Body needs a break!

So, I took it. Now it's Monday and once again, I'm excited to swim! I missed it. Missed feeling fit and refreshed and pumped. My body has recovered, I'm not sore anymore and it just feels like time to dive back in, literally and figuratively. I've got six weeks until I start training in the Dover Harbour on weekends and I've got about 16 weeks until go time. Every minute counts, even the ones where my body is recovering.

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Kyle Taylor

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