08 June 2007

Webisode #6 - In Brussels, Belgium!

Sorry for the delay, but the internet has been all up and down here the last few days!

The sixth in this series following the Dream It. Do It. World Tour. I'm in Brussels, Belgium now and things are just crazy! Or maybe less crazy and more wild! Or maybe less wild and more...anyway, enjoy!

The link, if it doesn't show up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKwIAzf8XJ4


Rockwell said...

Great to see you at your second home base in Belgium.

The tour rocks!

But apparently, your camera is also jet lagged. Tell it to get some shut eye and to learn to focus on you... and not the background. I'm guessing the late sundown has it confused too.

Kyle Taylor said...

My camera gets confused quite often...I'm not sure what to do, actually. It's the worst lens I've ever used...nearly incapable of auto-focusing...