20 June 2007

LiveEarth - I Need Your Help To Go Green!

Ok, so here's the deal:

I am attending LiveEarth in Johannesburg on July 7th, 2007 (7/7/07), one of seven concerts to be held on the same day at the same time on every continent (including Antarctica) to raise awareness in the fight against global warming.

Now, my flying around the world has really boosted my personal CO2 emissions, leaving me very far from neutral! If I'm going to show up to this thing and talk about Youth Venture while touting the great work that some of our projects are doing to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the environment, I've got to be able to put my green-ness wher my mouth is in an effort to save this:

You know, THE PLANET! This is where you come in. We've come up with a little way you can help me go green by "sharing" some of your carbon emissions with me! It's fun, easy and only takes a second! Click here or follow this link to tell me how you can help!


We've come up with a few simple ways you can reduce your own emissions to help offset mine. It is now 19 days until the concert, so please act now! I'll keep you updated on progress!

Thank you!



Big Kirk said...

I am doing my part Kyle. I won't eat another chili dog while you are traveling. That should make for alot of carbon saved!


Rockwell said...

I am so jealous... but I will save some carbon for you nevertheless.