11 June 2007

Music That Moves Me

I spent the day with Maxime, YV France’s newest free laborer, tour guide extraordinaire and full-time changemaker. We walked the Seine (him against his will), cruising the Musee D’orsay (closed on Mondays, just fyi), St. Michel, Notre Dame and the Pompidou. More importantly, I introduced him to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream after we shared some delectable Macaroons (have you ever eaten a Macaroon? It’s like a little piece of chocolate heaven mushed between two flaky chocolate sham tarts). Happiness? Check.

Maxime is also a young changemaker. For the past few years he has worked with two bands to mainstream social ideas through their music. “The lyrics mean something,” he explained to me. “There is a message there, but it’s in a popular package that people like to listen too.” The number of gigs continues to increase, and their following continues to grow. More importantly, he has found a way to connect with people where they are, a challenge we all face. Listen up, because he’s ROCKIN’ OUT (at the Louvre, playing a wicked air guitar).

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