02 May 2007

Wait, This Is For Real...

So I was in a meeting this afternoon with the entire Argentina team which is currently in the DC office for planning, strategy, etc. and we were going over the Argentina leg of the tour, which just so happens to be the first stop on the tour.

It started out simple: "We'll pick you up from the airport then visit a team, then let you unload your stuff." No big thing. Then it got to "and we'll take the 16-hour bus into northern Argentina to meet with teams working to bridge the gap between young and old through theater. They live in a remote village along the Bolivian border. No internet there." Ok, kind-of getting intense. Then it finished with "and the most popular magazine (The Nation) will do an interview on our last day in Buenos Aires, followed by a press conference for major media." I can't believe this is real, and I can't believe it's starting next week. So nervous, anxious and excited all at once!

Have to do some essentials shopping soon, so I'll keep you updated on what I'll be "equipped" with...Wow...for real?


Rockwell said...

Good luck on the world tour. Our thoughts will be with you.

Or as they say down south: "¡suerte!"

Kyle Taylor said...