09 May 2007

Media Blowin' Up!

It's been an exciting week for us in the news. The World Tour & Youth Venture have gotten some incredible news coverage! Check these out:

1. A one-hour interview on NECN's "Wired," a talk show aired across New England to over 3 million viewers! This is an eight-minute clip of the hour. Click here, then open the clip titled: "People Who Make A Difference on NCEN."

2. A great blog article written about Youth Venture & Staples' "That Was Easy" Challenge. Click here.

3. Another great blog article about an Ashoka partner called Changemakers. Click here.

4. An article in an Argentinian paper about my visit as part of the World Tour. Click here.

In Gardner, MA at this amazing regional event hosted jointly by United Way (a big-time YV partner) and Youth Venture. Nearly 200 changemakers here! More about this event before I head out tomorrow, Friday.

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