11 May 2007

Movin' Pictures Are Always Fun! Feature Video From NYC & Mass All Done!

It's here! The full feature video from my time in New York & Massachusetts. This covers some - but not all - of the incredible people I met during both trips, as well as the gorgeous (and interesting) places. Enjoy!

The url, if it doesn't work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY9OMlF2y7Y

The United Way - Youth Venture event in Gardner, MA was a great time. Met some awesome Venturer's, relaxed in the hot tub and tried to steal the biodiesel bus! Sadly, I was found!

Leaving the country in 6 hours for Argentina, so doing all those last-minute bits and bobs that have to be taken care of, liking replacing the heart faceplate on my phone, printing paperwork and throwing clothes out of my bag to make room for buttons, YV t-shirts to give away and business cards. Hey, who needs clothes, right? I'm off. More as soon as I have a chance to get on a computer in Argentina! I won't be back in the US until August...crazy. 97 days abroad. Bring it on!

The tour's official website is www.genv.net. There's an interactive map there, the blog is there, videos are there, etc. etc. Just click the box of me on the left.

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