15 April 2007

My Grandparents Rock

I'm working hard to sort through all the incredible stuff I saw the last five days in New York but in the meantime, I just felt the need to give a quick shout-out to my grandparents, Ron and Joan (The Nana & The Papa). The picture above was sent to me by my Nana using photograph-email synergized software on their brand new Vista-equipped computer. The rest of the email was about setting up our next skype date. I mean, how cool is that to have grandparents so "wired in?" What almost-80-year-olds do you know that are so high-tech? If you do then by all means, share their stories. And they're so youthful as well! Nana has diabetes. Papa survived quadrupal bypass surgery just a few years ago. The picture above was taken about three days ago while they were TEACHING DANCE LESSONS to thirty and forty-somethings on a Mexican cruise ship. It just goes to show that if you stay on your toes and continue to grow and challenge yourself, age is of the essence. Keep rockin' Nana and Papa! (And check out my grandpa's tie. I mean, that is hot!)

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