26 April 2007

From Paris To Berlin & Every Disco I’ve Been In…Itinerary Finalized!

The exciting news of the day is that my travel itinerary has been finalized! Below is the complete list of countries I’ll be visiting. The day-to-day details are still in the works, but I think this at least offers a preview of what I’m in for. Still in need of some comfy shoes (any suggestions?), more RAM for my computer and the Macbook Pro airplane power cable. OH MY GOSH…I leave in 16 days…


Now to May 10 – USA
(DC & Boston)
May 11 to May 15 – Argentina
(All Over The Place)
May 16 to May 18 – Chile
May 19 to May 21 – Argentina
(All Over The Place)
May 22 to May 27 – Brazil
(Sao Paulo & Surrounding Areas)
May 28 to June 5 – France
(Paris, Nice, Cannes)
June 6 to June16 – Belgium
June 17 to June 21 – Germany
(Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf & Cologne)
June 22 to July 8 – South Africa
(Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kruger Park, The Coast)
July 9 to July 18 – India
(Mumbai, New Delhi, Agra)
July 19 to August 1 – Thailand
(Bangkok, Koh Samui, Some Remote Island)
August 2 to September 1 – USA
(LA, Utah)
September 2 to September 8 – Mexico
(Mexico City & Surrounding Area)
September 9 to September 25 – USA
(LA, St. Paul, Boston, NYC, DC & More!)

This whole thing still doesn’t feel real…

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