09 April 2007

It’s April…No January…No October…No March…

I emerged from a venue on Friday evening to find this scene outside:

Mind you, it’s almost MID-APRIL. I mean, seriously? Last week it hit 70 degrees on Monday, then it snowed on Friday? To all those global warming naysayers I say, pay attention! This isn’t normal. Furthermore, I hope those same “skeptics” (which is hilarious because it is all but universally accepted in the scientific community that the earth is getting hotter and that human additions to carbon emissions are accelerating its rate) remember that ridiculously cold temperatures at odd times are also indicators of said phenomenon.

In the meantime, I’m just going to bundle up, throw my head back, and let the flakes land on my tongue. I grew up in California, so I still find this activity to be fun and exciting!

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