23 October 2012

Day 4: Enter the Incas

Today was our last acclimatisation day and we certainly made the most of it, getting our first glimpse into the mystery and intrigue that is the ancient civilisation of the Incas.

We started a bit further afield, cruising deep into the outskirts of Cusco to visit our first set of ruins. From there, it was a major shopping stop at a market village where the group played "shop til you drop" in their 20-minute allocation of shopping time!

We then stopped for our first picnic lunch, huddling under a bit of plastic tarp attached to a ute as a major storm slowly rolled in. The bolts of lighting off in the distance were quite a site while scarfing down potatoes, chicken, and vegetables. The temperature dropped ten degrees in about 20 minutes! If we learned anything from this experience it is that you must dress for all seasons at every moment. I'm fairly certain you won't see Nikki, Emma 2, or LJ rocking the daisy dukes again!

Our final stop of the day was at one of the Inca's most important sites. Pronounced "Sexy Woman" (no, seriously) this vast archaeological site has unearthed some of the Incas most impressive architectural wonders. Nestled between several hilltops and sitting high above Cusco city, the Incas made brilliant use of the natural rockscapes to carve out a massive "yard" used for countless festivals and ceremonies beginning in 1430 AD.

The site also made for a brilliant backdrop, as we took several team photos and one quite inspired image of Emma 1 rocking the Black Dog sweatshirt!

It's early to bed for this team, as we depart at 6am for our trek tomorrow. It's full steam ahead!

Expect more updates if and when wifi or 3G service is available.

Go team!!!


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