21 October 2012

Day 2 - We open on Cusco

After three flights and what was nearly 30 hours in transit to get to Lima, this team was in desperate need of a rest! Unfortunately, with a very early flight connection to Cusco and a rather late arrival into Lima, it was late to bed and early to rise once again for this epic team of weary travellers!

The van (Elegancy Class, thank you very much) pulled up at 5:25am and we all convinced ourselves we were "totally fine." The Lima domestic airport was impressive, as was the line that formed behind us to board the plane. It seems that being "first on" holds a great deal of merit in South America!

Our flight was spectacular, cruising in and out of big puffy clouds just atop the Andes mountains. The landscape is very specific to the region and unlike anywhere any of us had every seen! It was straight to the sites upon landing as the pace of the last few days finally begin to settle in.

We wandered this charming mountain town for a few hours, soaking in the history, culture, and local flair and admiring the impeccable dress of the locals. After all, it is Sunday here and everyone - I mean everyone - was in their Sunday best.

Lunch was yet another three-course affair, complete with stuffed peppers, roasted asparagus, and a pisco sour toast that - at 3300 meters - had most of our heads spinning! By the time the meal finished most of us were working overtime just to keep our eyes open, which meant an afternoon nap and a bit of rest and relaxation. It's amazing just how much the altitude can zap the energy out of you and we need to be careful to acclimatise appropriately before we begin our trek.

Thankfully, our incredible hotel is both a sanctuary of calm and a significant contributor to the local community. Hotel Los Ninos is run as a non-profit, with every bit of revenue going directly to several children's development projects in and around Cusco. It couldn't be more lovely.

It's off to dinner now for this band of Inspired Adventurers! We have taken our local guides recommendation tonight and will be enjoying a 4-course potato degustation, whatever that might be!

Go team!




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