22 May 2012

Team Animals Asia Meets The Pandas!

For many of us, seeing 4am was something that had not been done in a very long time! We were up bright eyed and bushy tailed to catch our 7am flight to Chengdu so that we could see the Pandas before they escape to their air-conditioned havens in an effort to avoid the afternoon sun.


Thankfully all went according to plan (barely) and we arrived safe and sound at the sanctuary by 11:30am - just in time to spend several fun-filled hours with these adorable bi-colored bears. They ate, they played, and boy did they sleep! Like champions. Absolutely epic sleepers. There were moments when some of us re visibly jealous of their very plush lifestyle. "You mean just sit here and you'll put food within reach and replenish it then afterwards I can just lean back and take a nap? Yes, I can do that if I must."


The visit offered a great foil for our meeting the Moon Bears tomorrow, as the Pandas remain a prime focus of so much attention in China. I think we are all hoping for a similar amount of attention placed upon the challenges facing the Moon Bears!


For now, for today, we will just have to find a way to enjoy the lovable, huggable, adorable Pandas.


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