19 May 2012

Inspired Adventures Team Animals Asia Says Farewell To The Wall

"Maybe it's going to thunder and lightning tomorrow," our guide John said last night. "Or maybe not." It was with that fear looming over us that we hopped on the bus this morning. The mist was heavy though it was difficult to tell if it s fog or smog. Rain coats in tow we hopped on the cable car and road up, up, up to Mutianyu Great Wall.


From here it would be a solid five hours to our local farmhouse which would be home for the night. After a mandatory group picture we charged forward, clouds still lingering. It took just under an hour for us to reach the base of the Stairway to Heaven: 1,000 continuous steps climbing directly up the ridge of the mountain at a 60-80 degree angle!


The heavens had still not opened up on us though the moisture in the air combined with the intense summer heat meant the heavy humidity was rapidly becoming our biggest foe. We shook off it's intimidation and remembered what had brought us here: those wonderful bears that we had been working so hard to fundraise for. "Let's do it for the bears," Maya said, and do it we did. In fact, I'd say we SMASHED IT.


From here the rest of the day just seemed easy. A little up, a little down, and a whole lot of "gentle" ANZ humour. The dynamic Kiwi duo of Erin and Debby remain both the source and the target of most of our jokes those everyone has contributed a good "zing" or two. The lightness and self-deprecating wit of those from down under really keeps the mood positive and energy levels high.


By 2pm we had reached our final tower. Waving goodbye to the wall, we headed down, down, down deep into the valley below where our bus met us. From here it was just a five minute ride to the farm of our hosts for the night. As I write this the sounds of food frying, dishes being washed, chickens clucking, ducks quacking, and Aussies laughing fills what would otherwise be total silence. It's a brilliant sound and I think we are all wishing we could stay a little bit longer!


Now time for drinks, food, and a few more jokes about the Kiwi accent!






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