01 October 2010

TGIF! Friday is FUNday

Monday is exciting because you just don't know what the week may bring. Tuesday is intriguing because you're becoming more aware of where the week is headed. Wednesday is happy because it's hump day. Thursday is exhausting because of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday is joyous because it's the weekend!

Having been studying then traveling then job hunting for the majority of the last two years, the Monday-Friday 9-5 thing just hasn't been the norm for me. Long-term, I can't imagine it really facilitating my middle-of-night creative bursts, weekend work fests, and need for a fairly regular 15-minute nap at 3pm. Still, for now it's what I've got and I'm glad to experience it so I can better appreciate whatever situation I end up in down the road.

To be honest, I couldn't imagine a better 9-5 gig. I work for an awesome small company that is growing by leaps and bounds. I get to travel all over the world on "business" and am surrounded by awesome, interesting, inspiring people all day long. It's utterly divine! Still, I am so freaking happy on Friday. It all starts with wearing any shoes except my black dress shoes. Why? Because it's Friday! Funday! This decision is followed by an inspired walk to work, grooving to some Kylie Minogue or Kelly Clarkson. I arrive at the office to find my similarly enthused coworkers. My iPod is always on everybody's must-play list for Friday. Why? Because Friday is Funday and if my iPod is anything, it's FUN.

The day is spent movin' and shakin' to the best of the 80's, 90's, and today. There is most definitely some toe-tapping involved. Lunch arrives before you know it and I treat myself to the most delicious sandwich I've ever had, courtesy of the Monkey Coffee shop below my office. By now the Friday afternoon inertia is pulling everyone into fun space. The music gets turned up a tad. Shirts are untucked. Clock strikes 4 and the gang are all finishing up whatever they're working on. We get to bounce at 4:30pm on Fridays. Why? Because Friday is Funday!

4:28pm. Time to start the computer shutdown process. Close programs. Log out. Sign off. Sleep my little iMac. Sleep. The office is bustling and people are pumped. What is everyone doing tonight? This weekend? Who is who seeing? Where is who eating? drinking? dancing? Windows locked, blinds drawn, coats on, bags slung over the shoulder and we're out the door. Smiles stretch from ear to ear. I throw in a little heel click for good measure. It's the freakin' weekend baby and I'm about to have me some fun. Why? Because Friday is Funday.

How these little pleasures become big moments I have yet to sort out. In the meantime, 4:28pm on a Friday may be my favorite minute of the week. Take that, normalcy!


Kyle Taylor

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