18 October 2010

I Have Amazing Friends: Be An Equality Ally

While the last few months have been a roller coaster for the GLBTA community headed in mostly a downward spiral, the entire onslaught of hate has really galvanized the same community to push harder for change. I can even feel it 6,000 miles away! One of my amazing friends - Jaclyn Pulice - is one of those community members. She has started an AWESOME blog where straight allies can submit their stories - both written and in video form - to show the World that not everyone believes in two-tiered citizenship. The site has exploded in popularity the past few days, and I encourage all those straight allies out there to submit their show of support as well.

If you consider yourself an ally, please submit your post (video or written) to weareallies@gmail.com or click "Declare Yourself An Ally" right here. You will be notified when your post is up on our site. Make sure to let them know if they can publish your name, age, and geographic location; just include that information if you want it to be published.

Real change - real equality - is going to take each and every one of us, so submit your story now!

P.S. Thank you Jaci P, you are a rock star.


Kyle Taylor

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