16 April 2010

Volcanic Eruption Inspires Real-Life Amazing Race: Five Strangers Find The Fastest Way To London From Dubai is through Africa.

17 April 2010 - With most air travel in Europe at a total standstill and plumes of volcanic ash blanketing the continent, hope was dim for five strangers to get from Dubai to London. Abandoned by Emirates Airlines in expensive Dubai after getting half-way to England and turning around, this collection of Kiwis, Aussies, Brits, and Americans decided to buck the trend and find their own way home.

Starting Saturday at 09:35 they’ll be criss-crossing the Middle East, Africa, and Europe with flights from Dubai to Tunisia to Barcelona, followed by a genuine plane, train, and automobile adventure in a frenzied attempt to get back to the Island Nation for work, weddings, and family emergencies. “Sitting around in the hotel just waiting wasn’t enough for us. The airline told us it could be literally weeks before we were put on new flights, and we were told we’d be kicked out of our rooms on Saturday at noon. What other choice did we have,” asked David Parry, one of the ferocious five-some.

With everything booked through Barcelona, it will be a mad dash to the finish line from there, as all buses out of Paris are booked, there is no room left on any ferries into Dover, and airports are still closed. “It’s going to be by any means possible,” said Kyle Taylor. “We’re looking for any ideas and help from Barcelona to London. Everyone has something on they’ve got to get back for, and it just feels better moving than sitting around waiting for an unresponsive airline to help you out.”

There is no set arrival time or date just yet, but the goal is “as soon as possible.” If you’d like to contact this wild band of go-getters, send an email to mrkyletaylor@gmail.com and aditi.fruitwala@gmail.com, or call Aditi at +44-751-847-1161. You can also follow their progress at http://mrkyletaylor.blogspot.com.


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