08 April 2010

So I Filmed Some Public Service Announcements

So about 18 months ago I filmed about two dozen PSA-style short ads and feature length interviews for the National Institute of Health to assist in promoting the sciences - and particularly Genomics (the study of the human genome) - to teenagers across the country. Well, they're finally live online and it's pretty hilarious.

Naturally, I'm wildly embarrassed and a touch shy about it, but I thought I'd share because it's some really great information for young people thinking about going into the sciences. Click here to go to the first "overview" video. From there you can click around to the other intro video and the "Interactive Videos" section along the top. There is nearly 6 hours of footage, so don't get too invested unless you're really interested in the complex - though fascinating - world of the human genome.



Kyle Taylor

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