18 September 2009

Tales of Old Peking - A Sinophile’s MUST READ

A few days in to my Beijing adventure part three in this lifetime and I’m once again drawn the ancient history of this fascinating place. As such, I’ve decided to dive in head-first to a fascinating book written by an old Shanghai buddy and budding author/editor - Derek Sandhaus. As the jacket explains:

“This book, the second in the ‘Tales’ series, recreates a sense of old Peking through a pastiche of historical snippets – stories, quotations, cartoons, postcards and drawings. It tells of when Peking was a flashpoint of confrontation between very different yet equally headstrong cultures, including the perilous 55-day siege of the foreign legations during the Boxer Rebellion.”

If you’re heading to China and want a great narrative to accompany the more traditional guidebook, or you just want want to know more about the history of this fascinating place through an array of mediums, Tales of Old Peking will give it to you. Thanks to the worldwide web, more information and copies by mail are available online at http://www.earnshawbooks.com. Take a peek, and well done Derek!


Kyle Taylor

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