16 September 2009

Return Home. I Mean Shanghai.

Shanghai - 057
Our exit journey from Yangshuo goes something like our arrival - moto to bus to taxi to bus to plane to taxi to six flights of stairs. We start at 7pm and - all delays included - end up in Shanghai at 4am. Nine hours. How did that happen? Oh, a 3-hour delay do to “Air Traffic Congestion” at midnight. Another Chinese “special reason.”

For some reason my head is pounding. I’m feeling terrible about arriving at a friend’s place five hours behind schedule. The undue stress is weighing on me. The plane touches down, they announce our arrival in Shanghai and suddenly everything is okay. I’m home.

No offense to my family or the state of California but for whatever reason, Shanghai feels like my place. Maybe it’s because Shanghai is the place I found my stride in life. It’s where I fell in love with travel, the world and everything different. It’s where I “grew up” and became an individual. LOVE IT.


Kyle Taylor

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