27 May 2009

Lefty Pride

In celebration of my left-handed super friend Carly's wedding (for which I am traveling from London to LA), I decided to do several things:

1. Post a ridiculously embarrassing photo of her (that highlights her left-handed-ness)
2. Post a gorgeous photo of her (because she's gorgeous)
3. Post the top lefty facts from my "left-fact-a-day calendar" that she gave me.

See as how #1 and #2 were accomplished above, here are those facts:

A. Twisted wire jewelery from Roman times suggests about 10% was made by left-handers, indicating that perhaps this is a "natural" proportion.

B. Experts say the brains of left-handed people develop more freely in utero, allowing the organization to stray more from the standard design. That makes left-handers' brains less predictable than right-handers'. (Obviously true)

C. Kermit the Frog is left-handed, just like his creator, Jim Henso. In fact, all of the banjo playing in the movie is left-handed and most of the other Muppets are lefties as well.

D. A recent British study found that left-handers are significantly better than right-handers at remembering images that involve direction, such as which way the queen is facing on an English pound. This is why lefties are better at using maps.

E. International concert pianist Christopher Seed uses a piano that was built in reverse! He debuted the piece to a standing ovation at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

Amazing Lefties:

Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
Leonardo Da Vinci
Alexander Hamilton
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Shirley MacLaine
Carol Burnett
Edward R. Murrow
Greg Louganis (Olympic Diver)
Dorothy Hamill
Bruce Jenner
Mark Spitz (Greatest swimmer that ever lived)
Jim Henson
Sarah Hughes (Olympian)
Frakie Valli
James Brown
Matt Groening (Creator of the Simpsons)
Bart Simpson (courtesy of Matt Groening
Simon Bolivar (who liberated Bolivia, Columbia, Columbia, Ecuardor, Peru & Venezuela from Spanish control)
Carly Slusser

Just to name a few...

Love you Carly!


Kyle Taylor

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