13 October 2008

One More Reason...

So I donated to the Obama campaign again today (only $10, but it's what I could give) in their "give a gift to inspire someone else to give" matching program. Not only are our donations matched, but so are we! They connect us by name, email, whatever info we want to give. Here is the email my "match" sent to me:

"Thank you for believing in change the way me and my family do and for matching my small contribution. As someone who's spouse has served in Iraq and will do so again, having you support a candidate who wants to end the nonsense and do the right thing means more than you will ever know. Thanks again."

Now THAT is what Obama is about, and that's what this election is about. Inspiring every American to believe in the power they have to create change, and that they're not alone. We're all in this together. That's one more check in the Obama box.


Kyle Taylor

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Kelly Rae said...

That is pretty freaking amazing. Bravo Obama!