11 October 2008

Obama Is Where It's At

I've donated and I've recruited and now I'm at the point where I will honestly and truly do anything and everything it takes to win. That's what made me a HIllary-ite: She was willing to do whatever she had to do to claim victory against pretty steep odds. Well, Obama has learned and now he's got what it takes, but it goes far beyond that.

We're talking about the future of humanity, and that is not something to take lightly. It may sound melodramatic, but trust me when I say it is simply realistic. Things are bad. Things are quite possibly the worst they have ever been in my lifetime, my parent's lifetime and my grandparent's lifetime (they've told me so). Companies own America and they own you. The rich get $240 million in severance for driving a company into the ground and the rest lose everything.

Forget for a minute who you "like" and think about who has the best ideas. McCain is against regulation. McCain is again healthcare for all. McCain is against equal rights. If that isn't enough, a McCain win would mean that Sarah Palin is a "heartbeat" away from the White House - a White House that would be home to the oldest President in US History. Are you willing to bet the future of humanity on her? I'm not.

Be weary. They'll say anything to win, and most of what they've been saying are flat-out lies. They go on about being the "Original Mavericks," whatever that means. Now, more importantly, do you really want the economy in the hands of a "Maverick?" That's not a safe bet. So watch these two clips and get to know the real McCain and the real Obama. Then, on November 4th, go out and do the human thing - Vote Obama.



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