22 May 2008

The Z H G Yuan, Darling

My Favorite Building
As usual, Lianne and I are attached at the hip due in large part to our love for Zhongshan Gongyuan (Zhongshan Park) or as we now refer to it, "The Z-H-G Yuan, Darling." We're trying to hip it up in an effort to combat other foreigner's attacking our neighborhood as a "suburb" because they can ride their bikes everywhere. This is the same place I lived last time I was here and, because it's so awesome, Lianne and Oli continue to enjoy the perfect blend of Old China and New China, just minutes from a subway stop that will take you everywhere else in this growing city. Just a few shots of our perfect little land. The above is my favorite building in the World - Cloud 9 Tower. It's about 60 stories tall. SO COOL.

Big Brands
That's the outside of the Cloud 9 mall, home of Carrefour (supermarket) an H&M and now, a Coldstone. That's the "New China."

Cloud 9
That's the 6-story tall hanging piece of art located inside Cloud 9. Divine.

This is a cart parked along the pathway to Lianne and Oli's place from the subway. That's "Ville" tagged in the background, French for "city." Why not, right?

China Foot - A Day In Flip-Flops
Finally, that's my feet after a full day of walking around in flip-flops here in Shanghai. We call that "China Foot." Woo!


Kyle Taylor

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Kelly Rae said...

I remember China foot all to "fondly"...I actually had a slight physical reaction when I saw this picture. I am surprised I never caught anything more serious walking around the streets of Shanghers in flip flops. Love you!