03 March 2008

Rock Star Road Mate

We’ve now moved into a new month and it must be said, Malena is a road-trip rock star. We just finished our 100th hour in the car (that’s just over FOUR DAYS) and she has been behind the wheel every single one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m offered, but she gets in this “zone” and it’s a sight to be seen. I think the girl would just keep driving if I didn’t point out cool things like heads carved into mountains and the World’s largest prairie dog.

We definitely make a great pair. No fights to date and only one incident where we both felt the need to “talk about our feelings.” The humor flows like whoa, though I’d doubt anyone else would think our jokes are funny, probably because they have to do with sitting in a car for 100 hours. Pretty funny, right? Right?

It’s one of those amazing experiences – like anything, I would guess – where you don’t want it to end but it’s so exhausting you can’t wait for it to be over at the same time, so you can sleep for a week. Right now we’re just doing our best to take it one day at a time and enjoy the process, something I’ve never been all that good at doing. Always learning. Always learning.

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