26 February 2008

Playing Catch-Up! Pictures To Be Seen!

Wall Drug Sign - All Over South Dakota!
Ok, so we're in Minneapolis now and had a great site visit today, which I'm going to write all about tomorrow, along with more on another one of our awesome teams here in Minneapolis! Today, I wanted to play catch-up to get you to Minneapolis with us, and what better way to do that than with pictures? Above you'll see one of TWO HUNDRED signs positioned throughout South Dakota leading weary travelers to the now World Famous Wall Drug, home of the world's largest free-standing dinosaur and rabbit/elk fusion creature (bazaar, yes). The rest are below, so, here goes:

Photos from our pit-stop on the Llama farm are here:


Photos from our amazing site visits in Seattle are here:


Photos of Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and the rest of our Northern crossing are here:


Needless to say,

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