28 February 2008

Help Us Name The Car!

Well, we've cruised a solid 3400 miles in The Dream It. Do It. Mobile at this point and our "wheels" are in desperate need of a name. It's Malena's car, so she gets final veto, but please help us!

What should we name our Blue Scion Xa that's carried us so kindly across the good old US of A? Please comment with suggestions!


somelikeitblogged said...

Stumpy. Blue Moon. The little Blue Pill. Blue Light Special. Blooper.

Kyle Taylor said...

Good ones!

Cory said...

Honestly...I think you should name the car Ellen because that woman is precious!

somelikeitblogged said...

Blue Velvet.

Kent said...

Grandma Ellen is precious, but she is more a Toyota person rather than a Scion Xa.

How about "The Blue Bullet"? Malena can tell you about her former car, "The Silver Bullet"

Julie suggests, "The Blue Bolt"?

I'll ask Nina for her suggestion.

KyleL said...

So did I win? And what's my prize?