23 November 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

My oh my, what a day! After waking up at 10am and lounging about/working/napping, we (The Parks Family, Great Aunt Nancy and their Thanksgiving surrogate child - me) welcomed Fox and Jean for dinner. Originally from Beijing, we had a great time chattering on in Mandarin and talking about how China has changed over the last twenty years. Then it was dessert time, which meant a solid 24 people arrived, including a wild brood of 10 kids. It was just like holidays at home - chaotic, crowded and wonderful!

Aunt Ann, Looking Divine Beating Something

Me, Creating A Brilliant Shrimp Cocktail

Kira & Jenna - Sibling LOVE

The "Kids" Pull A China Pose (I Love A Good Group Photo)

The Adults Smile (Again, I Love A Good Group Photo)

Today we went to pick out the Parks Family Christmas Tree. More on that tomorrow!


Kyle Taylor

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