19 November 2007

On The Road Again…

After two months of being unemployed and without a home I am now settling into both. Well, trying to settle, at least. I left Saturday for what will be a 20-day trip to New York, Boston, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Some of it is family time for the holidays, some of it is work time for Youth Venture.

You might be thinking, “my oh my, he must be jumping for joy, finally traveling again!” A friend even said to me, “hopefully this trip will satiate your desire for something different.” That really got me thinking. It’s utterly bazaar, but what I want is to just sit. In my new apartment. With my awesome roommate. And type. And think. And sit. Did I mention sitting? Don’t get me wrong, I cannot WAIT to get back out there and explore the planet again, but after so many months of so many bumps, the “same” (so long as it’s calming) sounds rather appealing.

Plus, now that I’m “settled” (ok, that word still freaks me out), I’ve created my own “different.” That is, fighting with insurance companies, getting my shoulders fixed, relearning to ride a bike, obsessing over the upcoming election and helping young people change the world.

It seems that at least something has to be the same and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that for the next few months, that something is my location. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing just fine jumping around New England, but a little “home sweet home” don’t feel so bad after all. Dear god, did I just type that? I wonder how long this will last…


-Kyle Taylor

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