10 September 2007

The Entourage

Seeing as how I’m traveling with a whole lot of people (in most countries there were just 2 or 3 of us) I thought it might be a good idea to introduce everyone. Speaking of introductions, I taught everyone the art of the “ugly portrait,” where you snap a quick picture when someone is least expecting it. The results are absolutely wonderful!

First up, staff and “grown-ups” (am I going to be one of those someday?)

Below is Tatiana, the chief of the operation, including the incredibly packed schedule. Well done Tatiana!

This is Isabelle. She has been with Youth Venture Mexico (Avancemos) 3 days. What a way to start your new job!

This is Jauny. She is working on her doctorate, which involves completing an impact survey of Youth Venture in Latin America. Her real name is Jaunita, but her Dad and her uncles named each of their first daughters Jaunita, which made for some very complicated family events. The first one kept Jaunita, the second became Juana and she became Jauny. Jauny is from Peru working in YV DC.

This is Natalia. Her English is exceptional, and she’s one half of an awesome venture working on literacy awareness through a T-shirt company that prints famous quotes in “cool” ways. I got one as a gift! Her nicknames is “El Jeffe” (The Chief).

This is Karla, Natalia’s other half. Natalia is the rebel in the group. She has her back pierced and weighs a WHOPPING 90 pounds. I nicknamed her “Rock Star” (Rock Star, haha. Borrowed from English).

This is Juan Carlos. He is one half of Ixchel, the team working on rooftop Organic Farms in Mexico City. Juan Carlos cracks me up. He is my roommate extraordinaire and is now famous for sleeping very little, turning the fan on constantly, and taking phone calls at very odd hours. His nickname is “El Matador” (The Matador).

Finally, this is Lilliana, the other half of Ixchel. Lilliana speaks very little English, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t know what she was talking about at all times. She carries herself in such a way that you can’t help but take her seriously. Really impressive. I nicknamed her “El Presidente” (The President) because she is going to be the first female President of Mexico. Just wait.

Just to be fair, here is a hideous picture of me. They nicknamed me “Gringo,” for obvious reasons…

And the adventure continues!

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