26 August 2013

Adventures Outside London

The other thing that's been filling the months is weekends and weeks away.  A slight obsession, we've been b-bopping here there and everywhere enjoying the incredible British summer, easy access to Europe, and family festivities in the USA.  I'm a very fortunate boy!

From a friend's pool in the Dorset countryside:

To the spectacular Jurassic coast:

To glistening Boston:

To the center of American power:

With spectacular memorials:

And the Space Shuttle!

There was Durdle Door:

Portland Lighthouse:

A ruined castle:

And some brilliant beaches:

Not to mention a British phone box in the sand:

Coventry Cathedral:


Cologne (Koln) Cathedral:

And the perfect Capital Rotunda:

There's lots more coming - The Peak District, Blackpool, Scotland, Brussels, Portugal, and Abu Dhabi all by mid October.  Bring it on!

-Kyle Taylor

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