07 November 2012

Day 5: Bikes, Kids, & Elections, Oh My!

Before we went off to bed last night the four teams competed in one of many challenges that have faced them the past five days. This one involved drawing another team's name from a hat then heading to the markets and buying a present for them that was iconic enough to get all teams to guess who bought it and who they bought it for. No easy task, save for SBS, who wiped the floor with MediaCom, Mindshare, and OMD, securing a PERFECT SCORE and a miniature Buddha for the effort. I've never seen such carnage.

We hit the road early today and were on our bikes cycling by 8:30am. The pounding sun wasn't yet in full force, which made the first part of our ride incredibly enjoyable! At the end of that leg - 25 kilometres - we pulled off for a rest in front of a school right as recess was starting! It was absolutely epic. Running, screaming, chanting, cheering, hugging, loving, and lots and lots of laughing. There is universal joy in making kids laugh and we had a blast riling them up before setting off on the second leg of the day.

I hopped safely into the back of the mechanic's truck and made a valiant effort to snap flattering photos (not successful, but who could be with this group?) of every person here who has worked so incredibly hard for themselves, their organisations, Inspired Adventures, and Australia for UNHCR! The team are just $500 shy of raising $50,000. A phenomenal accomplishment!

Another short break later and we were back in the saddle, wrapping up a mega day with a slightly shorter third leg of 15 kilometres. From there it was off to lunch, where we managed to catch both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's post-election speeches before re-boarding the bus for Kep, a sleepy beach town on Cambodia's south coast.

It will be a quick dip in the ocean tonight followed by dinner and a mega slumber as we rest up for three more days of cycling in brilliant Vietnam. We can't wait!




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