26 August 2010

Livin’ The Barossa Life

The work/unemployment mismatch is really a pain. When you’re working you’ve got the money but not the time. When you’re not working you’ve got the time but not the money. Thankfully, I’ve got some amazing friends who - save my ability to “get there” have wonderful family and [other] friends that kindly subsidize the habits of those in need.

Bernadette Blenkiron is one of those great friends! With all this time on my hands, she suggested a big jaunt to her parent’s vineyard in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. It’s Australia’s Napa Valley and my goodness, it is fabulous!

Sleepy but charming Adelaide was explored rather thoroughly in an afternoon, which left more time for Peter Lehmann, Yalumba, Bethlehem, and all the other ten million fabulous winemakers that inherit this gorgeous piece of Earth.

We shut down Angaston’s main hot spot (at 8:30pm on a Saturday), ate what was named the World’s Best Pizza (for real), caught up on our show - Being Erica, wandered the farm, played with the youngin’s, cooked a pot roast, and avoided the internet at all costs. It was a brilliant escape from a less-brilliant escape (unemployment).

There are heaps more pictures on my flickr. Enjoy!

Kyle Taylor

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