01 July 2010

Back In Oz!

After nearly two months in England dotted by one wild adventure (Dubai to London via Tunisia, Spain, all of France, and a ferry across the Channel), one big Election victory, one sad passing of a relative, one epic birthday party, and one 21-hour flight, I'm now back down under in a slightly more wintry Oz! That is, at least, in the Australian notion of "winter." With highs around 68 degrees, it's not much of a winter and actually quite similar to the "summer" I left in London!

My time in the UK was a non-stop onslaught of hard work, bed-hopping (crashing with different friends all over the city), emotional ups and downs (losing a relative), and a general commitment to seeing as many good friends as humanly (or not so humanly) possible. Oddly enough, I arrived in Sydney to a pending article deadline and a quick four-day hop down to Melbourne (coordinated by my roomie), which meant the marathon pace continued.

Now that we're back from Melbourne, I've turned that physical pace into more of a steadily paced long distance swim. Don't go out too fast and maintain your speed in the middle. I am also armed with an entirely revised and revived approach to the job hunt. Last time I wasn't expecting it and the whole thing took me by surprise. No plans, no checklists, and no agenda. Well this time, things are different! Shower first thing as if I have somewhere to be (as opposed to sometime in mid-afternoon), timeline my day to get in what's essential and stay on task, eat healthy, and rebuild a fitness plan. Still, in the spirit of my paced approach, don't go about all of these at once.

There's more to come on my new search and how I'm working to keep my spirits up, so get excited! There's also more to come on an entirely new adventure - having basically broken the bank on my extended stay in London, I'll be testing the wild world of spending as little money as possible. How far does an Aussie dollar go? We'll find out! Alas, my allotted blogging time is up, so more soon! Gotta keep to my schedule!


Kyle Taylor

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