03 December 2009

Road Sign Madness

If you know me, you’re aware of my love for hilarious road signs. I decided it’s about time to share a few of the best thus far, so here goes.

This first one is just funny. The girl and the ice cream are adorable, then the mustache? And it was in Bucharest, which is just funny to me.

Girl With Moustache

Then there’s this info sign with an arrow. At first sight, not funny, but there’s a guy holding this info sign with an arrow and every few minutes he would turn to shift his weight and the arrow would be facing an entirely different direction! People were wandering around aimlessly just looking for some darn information.

Info Sign

What’s this? A car shower? Obviously it’s for a car wash but putting the car under an enlarged shower heard is just funny.

Car Shower

There are just so many words on this sign and it was 400 feet below the surface of the earth. The only phrase that stands out is “Attention The Shaft,” which is funny.

Too Many Words

I Heart Textil too!

I Heart Textil

So apparently they’re going to destroy this 500-year-old church and build a modern high-rise, which I am supposed to be excited about, I guess.

Building Swap

“Hey girl, what you listening to?” - “Oh, you know, just my favorite tunes while I contemplate buying a delectable McDonald’s cheeseburger.” - “No way, me too! Yeah, McDonald’s is so fun and cool.”
McDonalds Girls

Watch out for cows and humans.

Transylvania - 10

Apparently this is a houses, trees, cars and kids playing soccer zone.

Transylvania - Sibiu - 11

And this is a no houses, no trees, no cars and no kids playing soccer zone.

Transylvania - Sibiu - 44

The world is funny.


Kyle Taylor


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Radu said...

they are not destroying a 500 year old „church”, just moving the offices to a new location, for some maintenance work on the old building. (that is not a church, it's the City Hall = Primăria)

and, that is a residential area. :) (the last two signs)


Clinton Hurlburt said...

Thank you to whoever put the mustache on that girl eating ice cream! She looks so cute! :P It would be cuter if she had cream around her mouth. Haha! There are many funny signboards or ads out there. You just have to look closely.