09 November 2009

Baltic People Are The Nicest People On The Face Of The Earth

Curonian Spit - Neringa - 030

This is no lie. Baltic people are the most incredible people I have ever come across. While Lithuanians were less than chipper compared to Latvians and Estonians, I’m still going to speak of the entire region as a whole.

Wild Baltics - 42

It started in Tallinn, Estonia when our couch-surfing host literally GAVE US HIS HOUSE and moved to a friend’s while we were there. We slept in his beds, bathed in his bathroom and cooked in his kitchen while he slept ON THE FLOOR at a friend’s place. Mind you, this all happened twenty minutes after meeting us for the first time and he would not listen to any discussion about it. That was it. Period.

Next we hit Riga, where are host - a friend of our friends in Tallinn - once again GAVE US HIS HOUSE after knowing us for less than ten minutes and only hearing of us through our really new friends in Tallinn. WHAT IS THAT? Where have you ever heard of this happening? EVER.

Finally, we reached Lithuania where our rental car guy met us at the bus station at 7am to drop off our car, gave us a full overview of the entire country then told us to text him n hour before we wanted to drop off the car and he would meet us at the bus station for pick-up no matter what time it was (nearly 9pm, for the record).

I just find it absolutely inspiring that people who have survived so much - two world wars fought on their territory, a Nazi occupation and a Soviet occupation - can still be so open and trusting of near strangers. I’m a firm believer in the theory that it’s better to anticipate the best then expect the worst. Life is just more enjoyable that way.

Dear Baltic People: THANK YOU! You are the best. Ever.


Kyle Taylor

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