27 October 2009

Shout Out To My Sister Friend

Taking a side-step from travel mode, I feel the need to give a huge shout-out to my first friend at American University turned rock star. My dearest friend Becca recently lost her partner to cancer. He was in his early 30s and if you need yet another reason why the United States needs a public option, his story is it. Unable to afford astronomical health care prices, a skin issue went undiagnosed. While he fought hard (as did Becca) the cancer infiltrated his body and took him from her - and us - just months ago.

Clark was a musician and before he passed away, he and Becca were able to "lay down" three tracks which were recently made available to me. I am now totally obsessed not just because I know and love them, not just because they tell such an amazing story, but because they are PHENOMENAL and I want everyone to hear their amazingness.

The first is called Kiss Your Face and you can hear it here.

The second is called Pop & Lock and you can hear it here.

The third is called Still Belong To You and you can hear it here.

Finally, you can read Becca's take on the songs as well as follow her journey of recovery. She's amazing.


Kyle Taylor

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