24 August 2009

Next Adventure - Commence!

Well now, it has been nearly a year since my hot feet hit the ground running and now it's time to change all that! I'll be leaving Friday for a four-month sojourn through Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East writing for travel publications about the sights and sounds of my journey. I've dotted the itinerary above. Here it is "itinerary" form:

August 28 - London to Hong Kong

August 29-September 15 - Hong Kong, Guilin, Shanghai and Beijing

September 15th-29th - Trans-Mongolian Railway including stops in: Ullanbaatar Mongolia, Irkutsk Russia and Yekaterinburg Russia.

September 29th-October 3rd - Moscow

October 4th-7th - St. Petersburg

Ocober7th to November 15th - Eastern Europe including Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

November 15th-22 - Egypt

November 22nd-December 2nd - Israel

December 2nd-December 6th - Jordan

December 7th-10th - Dubai

December11th-15th - Iceland

December 16th-22nd - England for graduation

December22nd - Return to the US of A with stops in LA, Vegas, Utah, Boston, NYC & DC.

February 7th - Depart for Australia

So that's my next four months! Tune in for all the gorgeous photos, videos, stories and happenings from the journey. It should be grand!


Kyle Taylor

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Kelly Rae said...

I just drooled on my keyboard ;) Sounds amazing and wish I could tag along - lots of my dream destinations on your list! Love the new layout as well! Check your tagline quickly though hun, I think you refer to Hong Kong just as "Hong". xo Kelly