23 July 2008

A Vacation From Your Vacation

There’s not a whole lot to say about Phu Quoc Island, as we did very little, and on purpose. We arrived by ferry (one of only two per day) and a tout sold us on a “bungalow on the beach” in about 3 minutes. A short van ride later we were sitting in hammocks on the patio of our $10 a night bungalow that was, quite literally, ON the beach.

Because there are only four flights and two ferrys a day, traffic on and off the island is kept to a minimum, leaving miles and miles of sandy beaches totally deserted. We saw all of about 12 other foreigners in the four days that we were there, and 10 of them were staying at our guesthouse (though their bungalows were not ON the beach). We rented a motorbike and cruised the entire island, from leafy green jungle to white sand beaches lined with palm trees. We swung in hammocks, swam in the pristine water, ate dinner with our toes in the sand and washed the salt water away under a waterfall. No internet, no phone, no contact with the outside world. It was perfect. Nuff said.


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Kelly Rae said...

*SIGH* I need this place. Now.