16 April 2008

Look Who’s Back!

Well, I do apologize for the radio silence. It seems that every now and then I have an insatiable urge to completely “disappear” from the ethos. I think, when your whole life is an open book online through blogs, photos and videos every now and then you feel like the only way to really take a break is to have a period of time that’s all to yourself. Needless to say, following the 40-day trip, I needed a break! Fortunately, I’ve gotten my excitement levels back up and now there is so much to say!

I’ve decided to start with something low-key, happy and fun, then move on to the last few days of the road trip, the AMAZING OAS event and other such topics. The past two weeks have brought out DC’s World Famous Cherry Blossoms. They come but once a year and mark what I believe to be two of the most beautiful weeks in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet (except in the extreme summer and extreme winter).

My super cool friend Matt came out to visit and we had a blast. As you might expect, I kept us on a tight schedule all four days that included Raku, Urbana, The National Mall at night (Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, WW2 Memorial, etc.), A behind-the-scenes tour of the White House including the Oval Office, The Capitol, Botanical Gardens, Museum of the American Indian, The Hirshorn, Georgetown, The Washinton Monument, U Street, Adams Morgan, Town, A visit to the YMCA gym and of course, Ben’s Chili Bowl. Not too shabby for four days!

We talked about California, ate delicious food, avoided large swaths of people wearing matching “I went to our Nation’s Capitol and all I got was this T-shirt” T-shirts and preached to our own choir about why Hillary is the best candidate for President. In short, it was bliss.

Here’s just a few shots of our different adventures. You can find them all here. As you might imagine, all those trees are Cherry Blossoms.

I just love when friends come to visit. It reminds me of how truly amazing this city is. Just perfect.


Kyle Taylor

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