29 December 2007

Christmas With The Griswalds...I Mean Taylors

It might come as no surprise that my family is large, loud and always right. That is, each member is ALWAYS right, which isn't possible because I am always right. When the holidays roll around I think of three things: Christmas lights, christmas food and 19 people all opening presents at the exact same time in my grandparent's living room. This year was no exception to all of the above. I know the Taylors are overbearing. I know the Taylors are very "vocal." I know the Taylors can, at times, be a lot to handle. Still, we're more fun than any family I've ever met, and it was nice to be at home this year (after all, I was in Shanghai last year). Here's a few photos cataloging the "adventure:"

My Nana, the QUEEN of Christmas (and all holiday things kitsch - note the hat):

My Mom, this year's Princess of Presents. We was good to her:

Payne Stewart, I Mean My Dad, King Of "To Me, From Me." He Funds Most of The Holiday Operation:

My Mom Holding My Dad's "Favorite" Gift - Underwear That Doubles As A Tent For Two:

The Aftermath of a Taylor Christmas (Don't Worry, We Recycled All The Paper):

All 19 Of Us - Now That's Pretty Cool!

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